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25 years of experience

Over the course of 25 years, we have provided facilities management services, security guard supply, and security training. We have gained the respect of our esteemed clientele during this period by providing our best work.

100 % satisfaction

Value-added services are what we consistently prioritize. Our policy is higher customer happiness. Our security guards and cleaners receive regular training and awareness programs from certified instructors.

24/7 Security Service

We guarantee to offer support 24/7. In order to give our valued clients uninterrupted service, we have maintained a backup employees, a hostel, and a frequent monitoring facility.

Who We Are?

This Kantipur Security Service Pvt. Ltd. Pursuant to Company Act 2063, Pvt. Registration No. 8725 / 054 / 55, Ministry of Home Affairs Ch.No. Agreement letter of 2034 / 055 / 56, Mr. Domestic and Small Industries Office (Pvt.) Ltd. The. No. Registered in 1841 / 283 and registered in the Ministry of Finance, Internal Revenue Department on PAN 500150399 from Police Head Office. No. 418 dated 2059 / 7 / 12, we inform you that since 2055, we have been providing security services on an institutional basis in various places of the state. Government registered under the constitution of Nepal. Company Act 2063, Industrial Business Act 2049 and other prevailing laws, the Kantipur Security Service Pvt. Ltd. has been established on 2055 BS 1998 AD with the aim of providing proper security services to the government/non-government.

What we do?

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Our Awesome Services

Perfection Anytime

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to perfection, ensuring top-notch security services available anytime for the Kantipur Kecurity website.

Customised Services

We have created a special services model that gives our customers the option to select the degree of security that best fits their needs and budget.

Highly Trained Guards

We offer certified and trained security guards based on the needs of the client. Before being deployed, guards receive physical, mental, and ethical training.

Experience Team Members

Our senior management staff is highly qualified and has significant knowledge; they are always available to assist our valued clients.


  1. A leading security company providing professional security services.
  2. Administered by former senior police officers.
  3. Efficient management.
  4. Provide security only by qualified persons who have received security training.


  1. When selecting security personnel, Pvt. will choose.
  2. Before being sent to the security area to perform security work, the modern security training refresher will be sent to the work area only after the training.
  3. This Prof. Ltd. This Pvt.Ltd. Security authorized supervisors or authorized persons assigned from time to time will conduct check, formal and informal and informal checks to the security personnel assigned to the security work, instructions, control and briefing.


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"We Offer Extremely Productive and Reliable Security Solution"

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