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Our Specialization

  1. A leading security company providing professional security services.
  2. Administered by former senior police officers.
  3. Efficient management.
  4. Provide security only by qualified persons who have received security training.
  5. Ensuring safety by conducting daily checking briefings and monitoring at places where security guards are provided.
  6. Special emphasis should be placed on uniform, turn out and discipline.
  7. The security personnel who will be deployed in the places where security is provided will be trained on possible dangers and divine disasters.
  8. Submitting a report on the security plan of the place where security will be provided to the relevant office.
  9. According to need, female security personnel as well as female volunteers will also be provided in health sector hospitals.
  10. Other skilled and semi-skilled manpower will be supplied as per requirement.

Our Characteristics & Service Rules

  1. Security service will be provided by the experienced, trained, qualified, honest, disciplined, reliable retired personnel’s from Nepal Army, Nepal police, Armed police force & Trained personnel’s etc.
  2. Reliable service will be provided to the organizations.
  3. Daily Eight to twelve hours service will be provided by the security guards as per required.
  4. The company/office should be informed seven days in advance in case the service receiver required more security guards.
  5. Rotation of Security guards on time to time as per necessity.
  6. Smoking, drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited during the duty hours.
  7. Security guard shall not involve in any trade union, strike, demonstration. If the security guards are involved in any of those activities the office shall inform the security company immediately.
  8. In case of absence, the Security Company shall provide substitutes. There should be no gap in security at any time.
  9. All the guards supplied by Kantipur Security Service Pvt. Ltd. will be provide
    efficient training to energetic, experienced and capable Nepalese Citizen.
  10. We have training center for Security Service.

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