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Our Promises

  1. Comprehensive security service.
  2. Necessary security training will be given.
  3. Provision of security related monitoring.
  4. Giving/taking security related reports. Criteria for selection of security guard.

Criteria for selecting security guards

  1. Physical fit: minimum height 5’ 2″, Minimum weight 50 kg.
  2. Age should be above 18 years & not more than 55 Years, chest should measure over 32″.
  3. Without any records of illegal activities, crime or punishment
  4. He/ She should not be one charged up or involved in polygamy.
  5. One who is not an alcohol addict.
  6. He/ She should be literate person who can read and write.
  7. She should be physically fit, strong and healthy. Selected is based on physical tests and interview.

Operation Process

  1. Operated by senior ex-police officers.
  2. Efficient and good management.
  3. Regular security, as well as check-ups, briefings and enquiry about the duty site.
  4. Emphasis on carefulness, discipline, strict vigilance.
  5. Uniform, sincerity and punctuality.
  6. Training on explosives, earthquake and proper handling.
  7. Training on Fire fighting and first Aid etc.
  8. Monthly monitoring and evaluation to the security personnel’s on the basis of performance.
  9. Orientation classes on time to time basis.

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